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Yes, they still exist: unique and original puzzles. Each Madd Capp “I AM” puzzle has the shape of an animal or animal head in a large poster size. There are models with small puzzle pieces, which are suitable for adults and for children as from the age of 10. There are also sets with large puzzle pieces,
recommended for children aged 5+. In conclusion, Madd Capp introduces the ‘fun size’ as a newcomer. As they are smaller and composed of small pieces, 10 is the best age to get started with these jigsaw puzzles. The high-quality box is distinguished by its unique shape with five corners. DAM also supplies half-assembled puzzles as POS material. Ideal for displaying real-life examples of the puzzles at the point of sale. “I AM” puzzles by Madd Capp, a challenge for the whole family!

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I Am Mini - Buck
Item No. 5126003
MADD CAPP 0040232318078 10y+ 1
I Am Mini - Horse
Item No. 5126006
MADD CAPP 0040232318054 10y+ 1
I Am Mini - White Tiger
Item No. 5126004
MADD CAPP 0040232317996 10y+ 1
I Am Mini - Wolf
Item No. 5126001
MADD CAPP 0040232546693 10y+ 1
I Am - Owl
Item No. 5123013
MADD CAPP 0040232479731 10y+ 1
I Am - Tiger
Item No. 5123005
MADD CAPP 0040232343216 10y+ 1
I Am - Bear
Item No. 5123004
MADD CAPP 0040232343278 10y+ 1
I Am - Elephant
Item No. 5123007
MADD CAPP 0040232343254 10y+ 1
I Am Lil' - Giraffe
Item No. 5124002
MADD CAPP 0040232640827 5y+ 1
I Am Lil' - Penguin
Item No. 5124004
MADD CAPP 0040232479779 5y+ 1
I Am Lil' - Dolphin
Item No. 5124006
MADD CAPP 0040232479755 5y+ 1
I Am Lil' - Flamingo
Item No. 5124009
MADD CAPP 0040232479762 5y+ 1
I Am Lil' - Sloth
Item No. 5124008
MADD CAPP 0040232479816 5y+ 1

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