Metal Techno

Unleash your inner engineer!
Put your mechanical skills to the test with Metal Techno, an Italian brand that lets you construct your own awe-inspiring vehicles. This classic model construction system involves the ingenious use of metal elements connected by nuts and bolts. Let your imagination run wild and create your own designs or follow the instructions to build cool airplanes, tanks and trucks. In addition to the instructions, each construction set also contains a STEM booklet with interesting facts and information about the relevant Metal Techno product. Unleash your inner engineer and construct your own Metal Techno world!
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Metal Techno - Sky Dragon
Item No. 5773083
METAL TECHNO 8057457730839 0 1 Metal Techno S: SKY DRAGON reddingshelicopter 5x17,5x7cm, 100-delig, doos 25,5x1 10100.MTT
Metal Techno - Fire Jack
Item No. 5773084
METAL TECHNO 8057457730846 0 1 Metal Techno S: FIRE JACK brandweerwagen 7,5x13x11,5cm, 173-delig, doos 25,5x16x 10101.MTT
Metal Techno - Giant Devil
Item No. 5773085
METAL TECHNO 8057457730853 0 1 Metal Techno M: GIANT DEVIL graafmachine 9x12x13cm, 194-delig, doos 29,5x19x5,5c 10102.MTT
Metal Techno - Loader Max
Item No. 5773086
METAL TECHNO 8057457730860 0 1 Metal Techno M: LOADER MAX lader 8x7x8cm, 183-delig, doos 29,5x19x5,5cm, 8+ 10103.MTT
Metal Techno - Flying Hero
Item No. 5773087
METAL TECHNO 8057457730877 0 1 Metal Techno L: FLYING HERO tweedekker 18x16x8cm, 254-delig, doos 30,5x24,5x5,5c 10104.MTT
Metal Techno - Super Rescue
Item No. 5773089
METAL TECHNO 8057457730891 0 1 Metal Techno L: SUPER RESCUE off-road reddingsvoertuig 12x21x14cm, 341-delig, do 10106.MTT
Metal Techno - Alpha Tank
Item No. 5773090
METAL TECHNO 8057457730907 0 1 Metal Techno L: ALPHA TANK legertank 9x14,5x9,5cm, 311-delig, doos 30,5x24,5x5,5 10107.MTT
Metal Techno - Delta Police
Item No. 5773092
METAL TECHNO 8057457730921 0 1 Metal Techno L: DELTA POLICE politiewagen 7,5x15,5x7,5cm, 269-delig, doos 30,5x2 10109.MTT
Metal Techno - Charly Combat
Item No. 5773093
METAL TECHNO 8057457730938 0 1 Metal Techno L: CHARLY COMBAT gevechtshelicopter 17x24x6,5cm, 299-delig, doos 30 10110.MTT
Metal Techno - Tower Crane
Item No. 5773094
METAL TECHNO 8057457730945 0 1 Metal Techno XL: TOWER CRANE torenkraan 23x52x54cm, 1011-delig, doos 38x30x7cm, 20100.MTT
Metal Techno - Power Bison
Item No. 5773095
METAL TECHNO 8057457730952 0 1 Metal Techno XL: POWER BISON vrachtwagen 11,5x32x14cm, 810-delig, doos 38x30x7cm 20101.MTT

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