Ogobolli products are sure to become your baby’s favourite toys. The teether ball is soothing for babies whose first teeth are just starting to appear and is suitable for even the very smallest. The rattle ball was designed to promote the development of your baby’s motor skills. A world of discovery will be opened to babies when they discover that the smooth material they hold in their tiny, grasping hands can move along with their hands. The flexible ball is made from silicones. Silicones are made from harmless, non-toxic materials, with sand as their basic ingredient. Silicone looks like plastic, but does not contain BPA, plasticisers, PVC or other harmful substances. There are numerous advantages aside from this: silicone is nonporous and can therefore withstand biting, it feels soft to the touch, is flexible and unbreakable, and has neither scent nor taste. In addition to this, the products are easy to clean in the dishwasher.

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OgoBolli - Rattle Ball
Item No. 6132121
OGOBOLLI 5414561321217 6m+ 12 OgoBolli: RAMMELAAR-BAL diam.10cm, door kleine handjes gemakkelijk te werpen en BLR001
OgoBolli - Teether Ball
Item No. 6132120
OGOBOLLI 5414561321200 0 12 OgoBolli: BIJT-BAL diam.10cm, door kleine handjes gemakkelijk te werpen en te va BL002

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