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The Offbits is about breathing new life into old, abandoned bits and pieces that you might find in the bottom of your toolbox, the side of your couch or at the back of your drawers. We’ve started off the search for the perfect pieces of imperfect hardware by designing our own little kits, containing a bunch of bits and pieces. But it’s down to you to see a face peering out of your broken radio, and get down to business with a screwdriver and wrench, to turn unused gadgets and gizmos into the adorable, peculiar and lovable robot-like characters, we like to call The Offbits. The Offbits is also about a busy, global community of clever creators. Once you’ve created something amazing (and we know you will) share the good news! Upload photos, videos, gifs and vines and set the challenge to the community. Can they make your design out of the bits they have at home? Or can they create their own unique Offbit with a whole host of other spare parts? Whatever you have, whatever you make, we want to see. So off you go! Build, create and share.

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Offbits - Yellow Car - (M)
Item No. 5039022
THE OFFBITS 7290016390223 6y+ 1 Offbits Medium: Vehicle Kit 3-in-1 / BLAZEBIT geel voertuig 8x7.7x10cm, met gede EX0203
Offbits - Red Car - (M)
Item No. 5039023
THE OFFBITS 7290016390230 6y+ 1 Offbits Medium: Vehicle Kit 3-in-1 / FORMULABIT rood voertuig 9x6x3.8cm, met ged EX0204
Offbits - Pingubit - (S)
Item No. 5039041
THE OFFBITS 7290016390414 6y+ 1 Offbits Small: Animal Kit / PINGUBIT 5.5x5x5cm, met gedetailleerde instructies, AN0003
Offbits - Monkeybit - (S)
Item No. 5039042
THE OFFBITS 7290016390421 6y+ 1 Offbits Small: Animal Kit / MONKEYBIT 8.7x6.5x4.4cm, met gedetailleerde instruct AN0008
Offbits - Moosebit - (M)
Item No. 5039045
THE OFFBITS 7290016390452 6y+ 1 Offbits Medium: Animal Kit 3-in-1 / MOOSEBIT 8.3x11x4.5cm, met gedetaillee AN0007
Offbits - Elephantbit - (M)
Item No. 5039046
THE OFFBITS 7290016390469 6y+ 1 Offbits Medium: Animal Kit 3-in-1 / ELEPHANTBIT 6.6x9.6x7cm, met gedetailleerde AN0004
Offbits - Crocbit - (L)
Item No. 5039047
THE OFFBITS 7290016390476 6y+ 1 Offbits Large: Animal Kit 3-in-1 / CROCBIT 2.5x22.5x7.2cm, met gedetailleerde in AN0001
Offbits - Piperbit - (S)
Item No. 5039053
THE OFFBITS 7290016390537 6y+ 1 Offbits Small: Transport Kit / PIPERBIT, met gedetailleerde instructies, in doos HC0003
Offbits - Spiderbit - (M)
Item No. 5039072
THE OFFBITS 7290016390728 6y+ 1 Offbits Medium: Animal Kit 3-in-1 / SPIDERBIT, met gedetailleerde instructies, i AN0011

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