Wheely Bug

Wheely Bugs are ultra-sturdy ride-on toys in the shape of a friendly animal. They can make 360˚ turns and roll forwards, backwards, left, right and diagonally. Children can ride on them, push or pull them, and even cuddle and kiss them. The Wheely Bug has four castors, a covered push bar and a soft, easy-care body. Rounded corners guarantee that the base is safe and ergonomic. This is the ideal toy for endless fun on any hard floor, and perfect for indoor use. Altogether, the Wheely Bug’s timeless design and superior quality ensure years of fun. Wheely Bugs are available in eleven lovable designs and two sizes. The smaller size is suitable for children from 1 to 3 years, while the large version, for ages 2.5 to 5, will be ideal as the second Wheely Bug in families with several small children. Designed in Australia, the Wheely Bug has won a range of international awards.

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Ladybug Small
Item No. 6149710
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497103 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: LIEVEHEERSBEESTJE Small L38xB23xH22cm, 1.9kg, 1 tot 3 jaar A1SL - LADYBUG S
Ladybug Large
Item No. 6149712
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497127 3y-5y 1 Wheely Bug: LIEVEHEERSBEESTJE Large L46xB28xH26cm, 2.5kg, 3 tot 5 jaar A2LL - LADYBUG L
Bee Small
Item No. 6149716
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497165 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: BIJ Small L38xB23xH22cm, 1.9kg, 1 tot 3 jaar A3SB - BEE S
Bee Large
Item No. 6149718
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497189 3y-5y 1 Wheely Bug: BIJ Large L46xB28xH26cm, 2.5kg, 3 tot 5 jaar A4LB - BEE L
Cow Small
Item No. 6149720
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497202 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: KOE Small L38xB23xH22cm, 1.9kg, 1 tot 3 jaar A5SC - COW S
Cow Large
Item No. 6149722
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497226 3y-5y 1 Wheely Bug: KOE Large L46xB28xH26cm, 2.5kg, 3 tot 5 jaar A6LC - COW L
Mouse Small
Item No. 6149726
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497264 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: MUIS Small L38xB23xH22cm, 1.9kg, 1 tot 3 jaar A7SM - MOUSE S
Mouse Large
Item No. 6149728
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497288 3y-5y 1 Wheely Bug: MUIS Large L46xB28xH26cm, 2.5kg, 3 tot 5 jaar A8LM - MOUSE L
Tiger Small
Item No. 6149730
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497301 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: TIJGER Small L38xB23xH22cm, 1.9kg, 1 tot 3 jaar A9ST - TIGER S
Pig Small
Item No. 6149734
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497349 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: VARKEN Small L38xB23xH22cm, 1.9kg, 1 tot 3 jaar A11SP
Hedgehog Small
Item No. 6149740
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497400 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: EGEL Small L38xB23xH22cm, bevat een basis en een hoes (afneembaar om HC1
Panda Small
Item No. 6149742
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497424 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: PANDA Small L38xB23xH22cm, bevat een basis en een hoes (afneembaar o PD1
Unicorn Small
Item No. 6149743
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497431 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: EENHOORN Small L38xB23xH22cm, bevat een basis en een hoes (afneembaa UC1
Dog Small
Item No. 6149744
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497448 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: HOND Small L38xB23xH22cm, bevat een basis en een hoes (afneembaar om DGC1
Lion Small
Item No. 6149745
WHEELY BUGS 5414561497455 1y-3y 1 Wheely Bug: LEEUW Small L38xB23xH22cm, bevat een basis en een hoes (afneembaar o LC1

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