Ahoy Captain! Zsilt is sailing your way!
Zsilt beach toys are designed for intrepid adventurers by Rinke van Remortel, known for the popular Dopper water bottle. Whether at the beach or at home in your sand box, the sturdy sand castles, imposing lookout towers and cool sea monsters will jump out at you from these stylish shovels and buckets. Furthermore, Zsilt uses 100% recycled plastic and comes packaged in 100% recycled cardboard. Zsilt cares about the future; both of the environment and of our children. Zsilt products are made in the Netherlands, allowing for careful quality monitoring and reducing pollution due to transport. Zsilt is virtually indestructible and will give your family years of pleasure. Create the most glorious adventures and then pass them on to someone else to play with.
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Zsilt - Boat Pink
Item No. 6501761
ZSILT 8720165017614 0 1 Zsilt: BOOT roos 18x8x7cm, 100% gerecycleerd plastiek, in cadeau-wikkel van 100% A1536
Zsilt - Boat Red
Item No. 6501725
ZSILT 8720165017256 0 1 Zsilt: BOOT rood 18x8x7cm, 100% gerecycleerd plastiek, in cadeau-wikkel van 100% A1531
Zsilt - Bucket
Item No. 6501740
ZSILT 8720165017409 0 1 Zsilt: EMMER 18x20cm, 100% gerecycleerd plastiek, Made in Holland, 1+ A1527
Zsilt - House-Barn-Scraper
Item No. 6501752
ZSILT 8720165017522 0 1 Zsilt: SET met HUISJE, SCHUUR en SCHRAPER 10x23cm, 100% gerecycleerd plastiek, i A1529
Zsilt - Set Shovel And Sieve
Item No. 6501753
ZSILT 8720165017539 0 1 Zsilt: SET met SCHEP en ZEEF 25cm, 100% gerecycleerd plastiek, in cadeau-wikkel A1528
Zsilt Bucket-House-Barn-Scrape
Item No. 6501751
ZSILT 8720165017515 0 1 Zsilt: SET met EMMER, HUISJE, SCHUUR en SCHRAPER, 100% gerecycleerd plastiek, em A1534
Zsilt Bucket-Sieve-Shovel-Boat
Item No. 6501750
ZSILT 8720165017508 0 1 Zsilt: SET met EMMER, ZEEF, SCHEP en BOOT, 100% gerecycleerd plastiek, emmer 18x A1533

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