Welcome to Dam

The Dam range is so extensive that it’s difficult to put into words, and that’s exactly what makes us so fun. We are always on the look-out for that extra special touch, with an emphasis on brands that stand out in the areas of originality, environment, education and creativity. Dam seeks to offer a wide selection that makes children and parents alike feel good. It goes without saying that quality and safety play a significant role here, but let’s be honest: toys, above all, have to be fun, so that children big and small can thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Fantastic wooden toys that speak to the imagination and look great in either a child’s bedroom or the living room: educational games and puzzles for the whole family. Adorable luggage and backpacks for little travellers, and all the supplies a young adventurer needs. For collectors we also have plenty to choose from; with our host of miniature projects you’ll have a mini-museum put together in no time. Creative spirits find their niche in 4M with creative and scientific projects.

Dam: toys for everyone,since 1992!

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