Pustefix has been making bubble liquid for children since 1948. Produced in Germany using a secret formula, Pustefix bubble liquid is famous around the globe for its beautiful rainbow coloured bubbles. And naturally, the liquid is perfectly safe for children to use.

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Item No. 4869057
PUSTEFIX 4001648690574 4y+ 1 Pustefix: MINI-STORE 30x33x51cm, bevat 17st grote zeepbellenflacons, 2st
Bubble Sticks XXL
Item No. 4869858
PUSTEFIX 4001648698587 7y+ 1 Pustefix bellenblaas: BUBBLE STICKS XXL 14x10,5x32cm, met 1 liter Pustefix vloei
Bubble Sword
Item No. 4869380
PUSTEFIX 4001648693803 4y+ 36 Pustefix bellenblaas: BUBBEL-ZWAARD met 100ml Pustefix, in display, 4+
Bubble Pipe
Item No. 4869435
PUSTEFIX 4001648694350 4y+ 1 Pustefix Bellenblaas: PIJP, met 70ml Pustefix vloeistof, rood en geel gemengd, 4
Bubble Rocket
Item No. 4869645
PUSTEFIX 4001648696453 4y+ 1 Pustefix bellenblaas: BUBBEL-RAKET met 220ml Pustefix, 4+
Bubble Shooter
Item No. 4869640
PUSTEFIX 4001648696408 4y+ 1 Pustefix bellenblaas: BUBBEL-PISTOOL met 55ml Pustefix, 3 x AA batterij incl.,
Giant Ring
Item No. 4869560
PUSTEFIX 4001648695609 5y+ 1 Pustefix Bellenblaasring: GROTE RING + Bord + 250ml Pustefix
Magic Bear
Item No. 4869525
PUSTEFIX 4001648695258 3y+ 1 Pustefix Bellenblaas: TOVERBEER 180ml, individueel verpakt i
Mini Bubbelix Sea Animals
Item No. 4869571
PUSTEFIX 4001648695715 4y+ 1 Pustefix Bellenblaas: Mini BUBBELIX Zeedieren, bevat 250ml P
Multi Bubble Trumpet
Item No. 4869555
PUSTEFIX 4001648695555 4y+ 1 Pustefix Bellenblaas: MULTI BUBBEL TROMPET, bevat trompet, s
Item No. 4869580
PUSTEFIX 4001648695807 5y+ 1 Pustefix Bellenblaasring: MULTI-BUBBLER, met 2 grote ringen 
Big Tube
Item No. 4869310
PUSTEFIX 4001648693100 4y+ 25 Pustefix Vloeistof: ZEEPBELLENFLACON GROOT 70ml, in display, 4+
Bubble Liquid 5000ml
Item No. 4869750
PUSTEFIX 4001648697504 4y+ 1 Pustefix Vloeistof: ZEEPBELLENVLOEISTOF 5 liter, 4+
Party Bubbler
Item No. 4869790
PUSTEFIX 4001648697900 10y+ 1 Pustefix Bellenblaas: PARTY BUBBLER, met 1 liter Pustefix vl
Refill Bottle Maxi 1000ml
Item No. 4869725
PUSTEFIX 4001648697252 4y+ 1 Pustefix Vloeistof: NAVULFLES MAXI 1000ml                   
Refill Bottle Midi 500ml
Item No. 4869722
PUSTEFIX 4001648697221 4y+ 1 Pustefix Vloeistof: NAVULFLES MIDI 500ml, 4+                
Refill Bottle Mini 250ml
Item No. 4869721
PUSTEFIX 4001648697214 4y+ 1 Pustefix Vloeistof: NAVULFLES MINI 250ml, 4+                
Refill Maxi 1000ml
Item No. 4869872
PUSTEFIX 4001648698723 7y+ 1 Pustefix vloeistof XXL: NAVULFLES MAXI 1000ml
Small Tube
Item No. 4869210
PUSTEFIX 4001648692103 4y+ 25 Pustefix Vloeistof: ZEEPBELLENFLACON KLEIN 42ml, in display, 4+

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